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Independent Parallel runway operations

The capacity challenge

Insufficient airport runway capacity is a significant challenge for airports, airlines, and passengers, ultimately impacting the communities they serve. It causes flight delays, reduced capacity, safety concerns, and negative economic impacts. It is essential for airports to invest in the infrastructure needed to support safe and efficient operations.

The solution

Independent Parallel Runway Operations (IPRO) is a solution to airport runway constraints, allowing airports to increase their runway capacity without building new runways or significantly expanding existing infrastructure.


IPRO involves operating two parallel runways independently, enabling airports to handle more flights and reduce delays without compromising safety. Pilots and air traffic controllers are trained to work within this system, using specialized procedures and technologies to ensure that planes are safely separated and guided through take-off and landing.


RAKL Avi is a trusted partner in the air traffic management industry with an extensive understanding of the industry and the challenges faced by air traffic management.

RAKL Avi collaborates with clients to understand their needs and goals, developing customized solutions to help them achieve their objectives. The company is proactive in identifying potential issues and offering creative solutions to mitigate risks and ensure smooth operation of air traffic management systems.

Clients rely on RAKL Avi's expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions within budget and on time.

The Advantages of IPO

Increased Capacity

By having two runways operating independently, an airport can handle more aircraft operations per hour. This means more flights can take off and land, and more passengers and cargo can be transported.

Improved Safety

Independent parallel runways can improve safety by reducing the risk of collisions and allowing for more efficient separation of aircraft during takeoff and landing.

Enhanced Resilience

If one runway needs to be closed for maintenance or due to an emergency, the other runway can continue operations, minimizing disruptions to flight schedules.

Reduced Delays

With two independent runways, aircraft can take off and land simultaneously, reducing delays caused by having to wait for other planes to clear the runway.

Greater Flexibility

Independent parallel runway operations allow for greater flexibility in scheduling and routing of aircraft, providing airlines with more options to optimize their flight schedules and routes.


Overall, independent parallel runway operations can enhance the efficiency, safety, and resilience of an airport, leading to improved passenger experiences and increased operational capacity.

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