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RAKL Avi is a leading air traffic management consulting firm that offers comprehensive services spanning the entire air navigation value chain. With expertise ranging from design to operations and post-implementation reviews, RAKL Avi provides invaluable support to aviation stakeholders worldwide. Their seasoned consultants collaborate closely with clients to develop efficient and effective air traffic management solutions. They offer insightful guidance during the design phase, ensuring that systems and processes are tailored to meet specific operational needs and regulatory requirements.


Throughout operations, RAKL Avi offers continuous monitoring and optimization services, enabling clients to maintain smooth and safe air traffic flow. Additionally, their post-implementation reviews serve as a critical assessment of performance, identifying areas for improvement and enabling clients to refine their air navigation strategies. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the industry, RAKL Avi delivers exceptional consulting services across the entire air navigation value chain.


RAKL Avi facilitates the design of a safe and efficient airspace while observing all flight procedure design protocols. We have the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise to ensure that the design meets the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Within optimized airspace we then design and implement the air traffic management solution best suited to stakeholder requirements.

If you're looking for a reliable and user-friendly solution for Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) in your organization, RAKL Avi is the perfect choice.


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Some of our skills

​IATA CORSIA – Carbon Offsetting and Reduction for International Aviation

EASA UAV Operator License.

International Air Law United Kingdom CAA & IATA.

Embry Riddle Aviation University UAS Concepts and Regulations (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems); Aircraft Accident Investigation; other UAV related courses.

Competence and Assessor Certificate Skyguide.

ATC Assessor.

Eurocontrol Mach Number Technique.


Safety Nets.


Stabilized Approaches.

Emergency Handling.

IATA Diploma Managing ANSPs ,Train-the-Trainer, Technical Writing, Benchmarking for ANSPs, Training the trainer – CNS, AIS, MET

Management of Air Navigation services.

Occupational Competence Assessor.

Airways New Zealand Sure Select Assessor.

Performance Based Navigation.

Lead Auditor – Aviation.

Competency Examiner.

On-the-Job Training Instructor.

Aerodrome Control.

Approach/Area Control.

Various Flying Licenses (Glider, microlight, and fixed wing pilot).

Stress Management.

Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Diploma in Negotiation Skills, The Negotiation Academy.

Customer Relationship Management, Gordon Institute of Business Science, 

Peromnes Job Evaluation.

Introduction to Air Transport Management.

Managing Emotional Intelligence.

A few Specific experiences

  • Head of Approach Pool Training – design and develop courses for operational ATCOs.

  • Licensed OJTI and Assessor for civil and military operations

  • Designed and delivered procedures for the FIFA World Cup 2022 – includes airspace design (new SIDs and STARS); FUA; Triple Independent Parallel Operations (100 movements per hour); DBS (distance-based wake spacing). Military Airspace and procedures. 

  • Licensed ATCO working traffic during the FIFA World Cup. 

  • Maintaining currency and a valid license.

  • Developing new ASDS tool. The Approach Sequencing and Decision Support tool is an innovative project for the application of TBS or DBS separation minima on final under RECAT or legacy ICAO wake vortex spacing.  

  • Head Course Instructor managing teams of operational instructors and an equivalent number of professional pilots in delivering ATC training for students from across Europe. 

  • Design and develop training courses following EASA, FABEC, and Swiss National curriculum. 

  • Conduct classroom and simulation training for ATC training – Basic and Rating training (ADI, APP, APS, ACS ratings)

  • Represent Switzerland on the FABEC Committee as SME for Navigation. The role includes the standardization of training content and examinations in the participating countries.

  • Participate in OJTI of students working towards their license and rating endorsements. 

  • Design, develop and deliver Emergency Training for all Middle Eastern Approach ATCOS. 

  • Develop and deliver training for Middle Eastern Flight Training Academy. 

  • Develop web-based / e-learning for the UAE Airspace Restructuring Project. 

  • Involved in the design and delivery of many ATC related projects e.g. Reduced Wake Separation Trials between Emirates Heavy aircraft (RECAT); Dual Arrival streams; RPAT, Approach Peak Off-Load (4,5nm between Mediums and A380s); New SIDs and STARS, EFPS, OLDI, Raytheon AT3 SSR; Emergency Operating Facility – Phoenix Radar, etc. 

  • Head of Air Traffic Flow Management Unit


Company Profile

RAKL Avi is a leading provider of air traffic management services. 

We are committed to delivering the most reliable, secure and cost-effective solutions for customers. Learn more about our services and our company by downloading our company profile.

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