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Air Traffic Flow Management 

Airport congestion can lead to a variety of issues that impact travelers, airlines, and the broader aviation industry. Flight delays, safety hazards, increased operating costs, reduced passenger comfort, capacity shortages, and environmental concerns are all common problems. As a result, airport operators and policymakers must consider the long-term implications of not addressing capacity problems.


To ensure safe and efficient air travel, it is important to promote the implementation of air traffic flow management (ATFM) solutions.

The RAKL Avi ATFM specialist can assist airport operators, airlines, and air navigation service providers in optimizing air traffic flow and reducing delays.

ATFM systems monitor air traffic in real-time, provide a platform for collaborative decisionmaking to optimize air traffic flow, provide capacity planning solutions, and bring cutting-edge expertise and innovative solutions to congested airports.


By providing these solutions, RAKL Avi becomes a long-term business partner for congested airports and airspaces. This aids in improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing the overall travel experience for passengers.


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The ATFM Solution

RAKL Avi has successfully implemented ATFM solutions around the globe and can provide expertise in multi-nodal, stand-alone, and other ATFM systems.


ATFM is a long-term solution, and RAKL Avi can collaborate with congested airports to combat congestion issues and improve their overall efficiency.


By reducing delays and cancellations, increasing capacity, enhancing safety, and improving efficiency, an ATFM system helps airports operate more effectively and efficiently, leading to increased revenue and a better passenger experience.

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