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Arrival and Departure Management

A/DMAN provides automated sequencing support for the ATCOs handling traffic arriving at or departing from an airport, continuously calculating optimal sequences and times for flights, taking into account the locally defined capacity rates, the required spacing for flights arriving to or departing from the runway and other criteria.

RAKL Avi will design and implement the full systems architecture with interfacing systems such as ACDM and ATFM.

While AMAN and DMAN can function independently RAKL Avi supports an integrated arrival and departure management solution, where possible.

Arrival Manager

RAKL Avi is a leader in air traffic management, providing the latest technologies and tools to help airports manage their airspace. We specialize in introducing arrival management systems, which offer airports the ability to reduce delays and increase efficiency.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the best solutions and services to our customers. Our experienced team of experts is dedicated to helping airports around the world improve their operations and provide better services to their passengers.

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Departure Manager

RAKL Avi provides comprehensive air traffic management services to help ensure safe and efficient air traffic operations. Our staff is highly experienced and committed to providing the best services for our customers.

One of our key services is the implementation of a departure manager, which helps to streamline airspace management and reduce congestion. Through our innovative solutions, we strive to ensure that our customers can rely on us for the latest air traffic management technologies.


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