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Digital Towers

RAKL Avi is an air traffic management consultancy company with a mission to make the skies safer and more efficient.


We provide reliable solutions for the aviation industry, with Digital Tower technology being accessible to over 1,000 airports around the world.

A typical Digital Tower solution

The vTWR (virtual Tower or Digital Tower) Controller Working Positions offer a range of functionalities and integrations to ensure effective operations. These include:

Primary vTWR Controller Working Positions:

These positions are located in the designated area and serve as the main control stations for managing air traffic.


Backup vTWR Controller Working Positions:

In the designated facility, there are backup controller positions available. These positions act as substitutes in case the primary working positions encounter any technical issues or require temporary replacement.


Stitched Views of the Area:

The system provides stitched views of the controller's area of responsibility. This feature combines multiple camera angles or video feeds to create a comprehensive visual representation. It allows the controller to have a complete view of the designated area, aiding in situational awareness and decision-making.


Situational Awareness, Safety, and Alerting Features:

The vTWR system includes features designed to enhance situational awareness and ensure safety. It may incorporate visual and audible alerts to draw attention to critical information or potential hazards.


Integration with ATC Systems:

The vTWR system seamlessly integrates with relevant Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems. This integration facilitates efficient coordination and communication between the vTWR and other ATC components, ensuring smooth operations.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform:

The vTWR system incorporates an AI platform, enabling advanced data analysis, predictive capabilities, and automation to support the controllers in their decision-making process.


System Status Monitoring and Communication:

The vTWR system provides continuous monitoring of its own status, as well as the related communication systems. This ensures that any issues or malfunctions are promptly identified and addressed.


Integration with NTP Clock:

The vTWR system synchronizes all hardware and software with the Network Time Protocol (NTP) Clock. This synchronization ensures accurate and consistent timing across the system, which is crucial for coordination and time-sensitive operations.

Replay and Playback System:

The vTWR system incorporates a replay and playback feature, allowing recorded system data and interactions to be reviewed. This capability enables controllers to analyze past events, evaluate performance, and learn from previous experiences.

Digital / Virtual Towers

RAKL Avi provides a comprehensive suite of air traffic management services to help keep the skies safe and efficient – from digital towers that provide remote air traffic control service in the aerodrome environment to upper airspace services.

Our remote air traffic control services provide a range of benefits, including increased safety, improved efficiency, and cost savings. With virtual towers, air traffic controllers can monitor and manage air traffic from a remote location, allowing for seamless and secure operations. Our remote towers also give air traffic controllers the ability to access data from multiple sources, giving them a comprehensive view of the airspace and allowing for better decision making.

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Virtual towers provide a range of solutions to air traffic control to improve efficiency and safety. These solutions include enhanced situational awareness, reduced complexity of operations, and increased automation capabilities. 

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